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Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio !!!

As a youngin I grew up in Hickory N.C. where I enjoyed playing with my pencils, crayons, markers, paints and whatever I could find. I would put what was in my head at the time on paper.

Moved to Ohio at the age of 9 where I continued to pursue my love for art. I always had a creative outlook on everything. I started airbrushing at the age of 13, then went to college at CCAD.

After college I continued with airbrushing, I eventually picked up my first Tattoo machine about 7 years ago. I have a huge passion for Tattooing realism but, I always enjoy doing other styles as well. I strive to do my very best on every piece that I do, I get better with every piece that I complete. I enjoy creating custom one of a kind tattoos !!!


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