Full Customization Shop

We are a full custom tattoo parlor! All artist are highly trained and take pride in creating one of a kind pieces of art for you to wear the rest of your life! We DO NOT duplicate any other artist work but are very open to your opinions and ideas.

Touch-Up – Restorative

We stand behind our work 100%! There are areas of the body that we do not guarantee and you will be properly educated before you choose to tattoo those areas of your body. We do not do free touch ups on other peoples work and will not touch other artist work in this city!

Cover Ups

There are many factors that go with a cover up! We highly advise you to stop in the shop and have a consultation with one of the artist to get properly educated.

Air Brushing / Artwork

We will have some art in the shop for sale. You can also consult with the artist to obtain custom commissioned art work. We encourage you to stop in meet the artist!!